An analysis of strategic capability

After all, it is the source of your sustained competitive advantage. Capitalize on your opportunities. What are the driving forces behind sales trends?

VRIO Framework

Profitability, sales, product quality brand associations, existing overall brand, relative cost of this new product, employee capability, product portfolio analysis Capabilities: Challenges of distinctive capabilities Yet while vital, defining strategic capabilities is not enough.

What are their implications? The tool was originally developed by Barney, J. Also, when executing this analysis it is important to understand how these elements work together. The following area analyses are used to look at all external factors affecting a company: Your managers need to have the skills to implement the strategy, and your employees might need new skills to do new tasks.

Tangible resources are the easiest to identify and evaluate: What changes in regulation are possible? Only those strengths that relate to satisfying a customer need should be considered true core competencies.

Just like any planning tool, a SWOT analysis is only as good as the information that makes it up. For a service business, you need to evaluate equipment and personnel needed to deliver your service in the way your strategy calls for.

Rare Resources that can only be acquired by one or very few companies are considered rare. What economic trends might have an impact on business activity? A good starting point to identify company resources is to look at tangible, intangible and human resources.

To give an example, if your strategy is to capture market share by offering volume discounts, you must have the capacity to make more products, buy more products or hire more service personnel.

What Is Strategic Capability?

What do we do best? The interest is in environmental trends and events that have the potential to affect strategy. Employees also care about strategic capability since it identifies businesses that are stable and unlikely to go under or those that need to cut costs through layoffs.

Can competitors easily develop a substitute resource? Evaluate What are their objectives and strategies? You need a strong supply chain that includes providers of raw materials or products for resale, shipping companies to deliver those goods, warehouse processing and distribution within your company to ensure that you receive what you need and get it to the people who will use it.

Constantly review VRIO resources and capabilities The value of the resources changes over time and they must be reviewed constantly to find out if they are as valuable as they once were. What are the alternative channels of distribution?

Internal & External Analysis

What technological developments or trends are affecting or could affect our industry? If you want to introduce an advanced version of a previous product, for example, your research and development department must be able to explore what additional features customers are willing to pay for.

It relies on data from annual reports, public surveys and market trends to determine which businesses in a given industry have strategic capabilities that others lack. Second, because of their novelty to the organization, new strategic capabilities often do not map cleanly to the existing organization.

As businesses compete with one another for customers, market share and revenue, they employ tactics according to deliberate strategies. Overall size, projected growth, profitability, entry barriers, cost structure, distribution system, trends, key success factors Environmental analysis: Which activities increase product or service differentiation and perceived customer value?

Do you have employees with unique skills and capabilities?

Organizational capabilities are the abilities of an enterprise to operate its day-to-day business as well as to grow, adapt, and seek competitive advantage in the marketplace. For example, if your strategy is to offer a cellphone that has fewer features than the competition but costs less, an inability to get that phone into stores can result in consumers buying the product elsewhere.

Even though competitive parity is not the desired position, a firm should not neglect the resources that are valuable but common.SM Lecture Three: Strategic Capabilities 1. Competitive advantage can be derived from linkages within the value network.

Strategic capabilities

(implication in strategic analysis: we don’t only look at our own company VC but also the linkages between the other organizations that do business with our firm – suppliers and distributors)BUSM Strategic. SWOT analysis summarises the key issues from the business environment and the strategic capability of an organization that are most likely to impact on strategy development (Johnson, Scholes and.

The central purpose of this paper is to identify a concept and an analytical framework for evaluating the capability of an organization to undertake strategic action.

Implications for theory building and practical application are discussed. VRIO analysis stands for four questions that ask if a resource is: valuable? rare? costly to imitate? And is a firm organized to capture the value of the resources?

A resource or capability that meets all four requirements can bring sustained competitive advantage for the company. The Strategic Capability Analysis branch of Joint and Operations Analysis Division maintains the competencies in strategic analysis, concept development, strategic risk assessment, quantitative analysis and technology forecasting, in order to inform strategic policy and capability decisions.

Analysis of Ebay's Strategic Capability Words Jan 8th, 7 Pages In the case of EBay, the company did transform itself from shifts in the economy and consumer demand.

An analysis of strategic capability
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