An argument on whether suicide in the final solution

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Report this Argument Pro "If everyone who had once contemplated suicide had decided to go through with it then there would be a much smaller population on Earth.

For or against suicide?

If your heart really aches for the lives of the people on this planet then DO something to help. Drinking coke has a low harm potential, so you have made a free choice there — but the same influences which are legitimate for that choice may not be legitimate for other choices. Too much should not be read into "disposing of his own lot in life" in the passage as this is not necessarily talking about anything other than slavery.

Rather, only the individual involved can make such a decision, and whatever decision they make should be respected. If someone decides to have unprotected sex then they decided that the benefits a more enjoyable experience, bragging rights, trying something new, adhering to religious beliefs, whatever are more important to them than the harms stds, pregnancy, whatever.

One is still what one is going to cease to be and already what one is going to become. Moreover, I think I am justified in asserting that for most people it is just an intuitively worse thing to face the unknown of death vs. Therefore, if death is an evil this is not because it involves a period of non-existence, but because it deprives us of life.

He argues forcefully and almost romantically that suicide represents the ultimate freedom of humanity, justifying the act with phrases such as "we only arrive at ourselves in a freely chosen death" and lamenting "ridiculously everyday life and its alienation". That is, in effect, what opponents of euthanasia are saying to the dying that make these pleas.

The legitimacy of, for example, their religion and its importance to them, is a separate idea. They take this decision quicker, and are less likely to regain lucidity and seek help before doing it.

Should Suicide be legal

Is this true consent? This point is going to talk about those who have made a rational and rationally informed decision to kill themselves. For it is in fleeing from the pleasures, not from the sufferings of life, that this denial consists.

Debate: Assisted suicide

Leonard Peikoff states in his book Objectivism: It is not freedom, to be allowed to alienate his freedom. For Camus, suicide was the rejection of freedom. The Confucian emphasis on loyalty, self-sacrifice, and honour has tended to encourage altruistic suicide.

The idea is that although life is, in general, good, people who face irreversible suffering should not be forced to continue suffering. Arguments against suicide[ edit ] Common philosophical opinion of suicide since modernization reflected a spread in cultural beliefs of western societies that suicide is immoral and unethical.

But even in the case of depression that motivation can still be shown to be illegitimate because it is disproportionate.In the Netherlands, voluntary euthanasia has been legal sincewith some 3, people requesting it each year.

In Australia, assisted suicide was legalised in the Northern Territories with the backing of a substantial majority of the local population, but was then overthrown by the Federal Senate before anyone could actually use the new law.

Suicide is a Final Answer not a Temporary Solution | 13 Reasons Why Message

there is no solution to our problems. With this, one may resort to kill or hurt themselves, thinking that this is the only viable solution to the hardships that he may be facing. Suicide is not the best solution to a problem; it should not even be included as one of the options.

Human life is sacred, a gift given by God, our Creator.3/5(2). Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at TALK (). Or dial for help in locating essential community services, such as mental health services.

The final solution is choosing to live and getting help. They are the ones that will continually shut themselves off from support until they make a final decision, which is nobody's fault but their own.

but I do believe that those who come to the solution of suicide is not as mentally ill as we may think they are. Now, I realize that a. Ind is not easy to fix, but there is a possibility to do. Arguments in favor of suicide. There are arguments in favor of allowing an individual to choose between life and suicide.

Philosophy of suicide

Those in favor of suicide as a personal choice reject the thought that suicide is always or usually irrational, but is instead a solution to real problems; a line of last resort that can legitimately be taken when the alternative is.

Broadly speaking, pro-choicers argue that a person’s life belongs to no one but himself, and that his decision to commit suicide, especially if justified as a rational solution to real problems such as chronic and disabling pain, should be respected and assisted.

An argument on whether suicide in the final solution
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