An examination of infrastructure and competitive advantages in information technology

In this scenario, the advantage is to the attackers. If you contemplate what AI scientists, engineers and computing experts suggest as a suitable timeframes for thinking machines, most indicate that it will be several years before it becomes reality. Artificial intelligence began as an academic discipline in Some of the new weapons, referred to as killer robots, are already deployed.

If responses were limited to conventional explosives, it would be bad enough but nuclear options have re-entered the equation. Learning more about AI makes sense since it is clearly impacting our daily lives and businesses. Rather than replace humans, most AI systems will collaborate with humans to achieve optimal performance.

Hunter-Killer Drones For several years, the U. Tactical nukes may be tempting to the generals but the risk of escalation is real. But taking the human pilot out of the loop means that programming and decision making must be perfect, a somewhat unlikely scenario when dealing with unexpected enemy threats.

It certainly seems that we all will more be involved with AI at home, work, or play.

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AI research soars in the U. Use the Search button to find specific topics. Further progress in research is needed to address this challenge of creating AI systems that are reliable, dependable, and trustworthy.

Will they mistakenly assume that it is a massive all-out attack with stealthy heavy bombers and ICBMs following soon and respond as if full scale war is underway? Measure and evaluate AI technologies through standards and benchmarks. Drone swarm technology certainly qualifies as dual threat machines.

But China is making significant progress and researchers are closely following their work. These hypersonic missiles travel at five times the speed of sound Mach 5 or faster. It becomes considerably more cognizant, intelligent, understanding and omnipotent over time.Vacuum Technology & Coating Weblog.

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An examination of infrastructure and competitive advantages in information technology
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