Argumentative essay illegal immigration america

All citizens should dedicate an hour a week to community service. Lapses in food safety result from a complex interplay of factors. The rich should pay more tax. Corruption in society is an unstoppable force.

People who use file-sharing sites to download content illegally should be found and prosecuted. Modern technology has increased material wealth but not happiness.

613 Original Argumentative Speech Topics Ideas [Speech, Essay]

Should students add their teachers as friends on Facebook? Should the government give tax exemptions to those who drive electric or hybrid vehicles?

Should rich countries pay more for environmental damage? Computers can translate all kinds of languages well. Doctors should learn about religion before practicing. Should we have to pay to adopt a child? Relationships Does age matter in relationships? Media Reality television makes people stupid and should be regulated.

History Was Mao Zedong a great leader? Food and Drink The only difference between normal and organic food is the cost. Are some TV ads objects of art? Adoptive parents should be legally bound to allow biological parents access to their children.

People should be encouraged to holiday abroad. Does access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy? There is no such thing as a superfood! An emphasis on sport in college should be removed.

The beneficial physiological effects of music. What are factors which are related to academic success in high-school students? Should the world become one nation and have a council for leadership? Violent video games and toys should not be allowed.

What role, if any, should the federal government take in dealing with the problem of homelessness? Do our children need to learn more languages in the future? Should children born with birth defects have surgery? Teenagers should have more freedom than younger kids. Our identity is shaped by how others view us.

Illegal immigrants should receive asylum. Is China a new superpower? Is watching TV good or bad for children? Presidential elections should be held every five years.

Plastic surgery should be illegal for anyone under Should the legalization of marijuana be a state law or left up to the federal government to enforce? Are girls too mean to each other? Do the benefits of study abroad justify the difficulties? Are cell phones dangerous?

Cheating on an examination should be a criminal offense. Technology makes us lose most of our traditions and culture. Elderly drivers should be required to take a driving test each year after a certain age.Argumentative Speech Topics and Ideas: social issues, media, technology, ethics, religion, education, health, sport, constitution, environment, literature.

Argumentative essay illegal immigration america
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