Bad habits attitudes of filipinos that need to change essay

As for fiestas, it seems that every LGU down to the smallest barangay in the country has a fiesta to celebrate. In other words, we tend not to observe punctuality at all. These problems will be easier to deal with if we will help each other get over them.

This flaming grass quickly burns out—and this best describes one of the worst Filipino traits. Eventually, he lands a job abroad and a foreign firm gets to benefit of his skills. Instead of helping each other to be successful, we even make ways to pull them down like discourage them from taking great opportunities, or destroying their image.

Bad habits attitudes of filipinos that need to change essay, anniversaries, graduations, and even somber funerals are celebrated by Filipinos like there is no tomorrow. For instance, instead of studying for exams, some students may spend more time in computer games and gimmicks, while leaving their chance of passing the midterms to luck.

12 Annoying Attitudes of Filipinos We Need To Get Rid Of

Some Filipinos have a lot of things negative to say about the Philippines. Poor tricycle drivers are allowed to ply on dangerous streets — risking the lives and limbs of passengers — just to earn a living.

14 Bad Habits that Filipinos should Break to Achieve Progress

Short-sighted Some Filipinos prefer to receive a few hundred pesos, two kilos of rice or a shirt printed with mug shot of an aspiring politician in exchange of votes running for office rather than resist temptation and bond together for a better society and governance.

Freebie hunters Some Filipinos have the nerve to crash into wedding parties uninvited or show up at a birthday party because they were brought along by a friend of an invited friend.

We Filipinos are famous for being onion-skinned or easily slighted at perceived insults. Being onion-skinned or too sensitive Another habit or attitude that we need to change is our being too prideful which usually results to being oversensitive.

And hey, the videoke shop in the neighborhood needs to do its business and ignore everyone, disrespecting even when there is a prayer for a dead neighbor going on nearby. If someone gets promoted at work, some Filipinos are good at making up stories; did he date the supervisor?

It is not enough that we demand change in our government. Crab Mentality Once a fledgling banana cue business becomes the talk of the barrio, everyone is riding the bandwagon and put up the same business.

Outside of the Quiapo church are shops that sell abortion formula. One thing that keeps unemployment high: But the problem begins when such actions conceal the reality. Just because a poker game is among the few reasons to attract people to join a grieving family in a wake, the cards game is reluctantly introduced even against their will.

Of course, not all Filipinos share these bad qualities but if you feel offended reading any of the items below, maybe you fall into this segment of the society who need improvement in attitudes and outlook in life.

If we have some goals, then we need to work in order to achieve them. The Philippines is rich both in human and natural resources. No wonder politicians often find it effective to plaster their faces everywhereno matter how shallow the idea is.

This is also true with many of us. True to form, our reactions would range from righteous indignation to excessive grandstanding. On the road, inconsiderate drivers blow their horns every 24 seconds, make a U-turn at prohibited areas and rarely give way to other vehicles. If only we would see the achievements of our neighbors or colleagues as an inspiration to reach our own goals instead of considering them as threats.

And just like the crabs who could have escaped from the bucket if they only stopped pulling each other down, nothing ever gets accomplished.

Most of us are very good at this. While not all of them are lazy, certainly the lack of drive to look for job is partly caused by being lazy. The Philippines remains laggard among its Southeast Asian neighbors. Did she sleep with the manager? A perfect example could be the criticisms faced by those who become pregnant outside marriage.

Our eagerness however, fades away just as quickly as the fire is extinguished, leaving our work either half-baked or unfinished. This social phenomenon is not exclusive to hardened criminals either—a look at everyday life in the country shows Filipinos from the entire social strata nonchalantly breaking the rules, whether it is something as benign as jaywalking or as dangerous as beating the red light.

You may read it and discover the hidden moral treasures of many Filipinos. When OFWs come home, families find it hard to explain where money was spent. If not, good for you. Thoughtless When someone celebrates birthday, graduation or winning the lotto in the neighborhood, the party lasts through deep in the night, keeping neighbors awake by the noise of an out-of-tune videoke singer.

Therefore, if these weights will be removed, then we can advance higher and faster. Worse, money remittance from OFWs are spent on luxuries and expenses like mobile phones, cars and jewelry they can brag to friends instead of investment like farm lots or small business.

The Filipino time is usually associated with tardiness.17 Bad Habits & Attitudes of Filipinos That Need to Change bewilderedstateofself: 1.

Thoughtless When someone celebrates birthday, graduation or winning the lotto in the neighborhood, the party lasts through deep in the night, keeping neighbors awake by the noise of an out of tune videoke singer.

There are things that we find annoying about us Filipinos -- our bad habits don't seem to change for the better. It may be true that certain nationalities have worse attitudes or habits, but why pick on them?

Bad Habits of Many Filipinos That Need to Change. PHILIPPINE PROFILE.

Bad Habits of Many Filipinos That Need to Change. Old habits die hard When I heard that one of the quotes for today's essay was "old habits die hard " some of Mick Jagger's lyrics came to mind "I'm not an addict,it's just a habit It takes a long time to develop a bad habit and as much or longer to stay away from it.

While we Filipinos with our easy-going ways have somewhat become used to Filipino time, it still is a bad habit that needs to be dropped. Also Read: The Intriguing History of ‘Filipino Time’ 5.

More Bad Attitudes: 7 Bad Traits of Many Filipinos. Of course, there are more than 17 of these bad habits and bad attitudes many Filipinos possess. But if our aim is to correct them, we think it’s good enough to list the 17 and try to change them instead of listing a hundred and fail to improve on any of them.

Filipino politicians often change parties not because they found a better principled group, but to gain something — power, money or fame. When momentum shifts.

Bad habits attitudes of filipinos that need to change essay
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