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Some reviews of the series website [5] included a The Independent review that Really Rotten Experiments is "Perfect for keeping the kids occupied on a rainy day, this is full of useful tips Misrepresentations of the results of legitimate scientific research to lend bogus authority to nutritionist theories, while ignoring alternative explanations are cited in evidence.

At worst, they are supposed quick-fixes that distract from the genuine lifestyle risk factors for ill health that affect us over the long term. Well, one of the main things is that there are two things that have been repeatedly shown to lead to a healthy and productive life — eat food, mostly vegetables with lots of fruit thrown in for the colours if nothing else, and exercise.

Not even Dick Cheney water boards himself. She adds that the "[series as a whole] go a long way to fill that gap [between middle and high school students".

The complainant added "The potential for real harm is jaw-dropping. This reluctance of mine to eat fish in general, but oily fish in particular, has made me prone to the idea that I probably should have fish oil supplements to make me smarter or to prevent arthritis, or one of the other wondrous things these oils do.

The dumbing-down of science to produce easily assimilated wacky, breakthrough or scare stories is criticised. But he sees detox treatments as the modern equivalent of religious rituals of purifcation or abstinence.

Review: Bad Science by Ben Goldacre

The author continues to discuss the lab results in previous chapter and discusses the MRSA mix up in hospitals wrong patients get wrong results. In it you will learn stuff. In fact, such tests have been carried out for homeopathic remedies and it has been shown that they are no better than placebo.

Instead we cleave to fairy-tales. The methods used by the food supplement industry to manufacture doubt about any critical scientific reports are likened to those previously used by the tobacco and asbestos Chapter 7: A landmark study by Shang et alwhich looked at a vast number of homeopathic trials, again found that homeopathic remedies perform no better than placebo.

Pass the smokes and yes, I will have a double, no, stuff it, just leave the bottle. According to Goldacre, expensive moisturisers tend to contain three groups of ingredients: In fact, one of the best cures to most social ills would probably involve banning journalists from, well, just about everything.

Goldacre debunks the claims made for each of these products and says that the whole idea of detox is an invention. The book judges that his success is based on misinterpreting and cherry-picking favourable results from the medical literature, in order to market his vitamin pills.

Since the lab had previously done some work for the Australian press, it seemed probable that samples had been cross-contaminated, a common enough occurrence.Buy Bad Science Reprint by Ben Goldacre (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders/5. Bad Science is an excellent book about how to approach news articles about scientific papers.

He goes over what flaws to look out for in the studies themselves, as well as the common ways journalists completely screw up reporting about /5.

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The thing about a Horrible Science book is that actually it is all about imagination. The more you know the more you want to know and the more you want to develop that." gasses and deadly toxic waste.

Why do we recycle and what would happen if we stopped? Is global warming really bad news?

Bad Science

The team try to find out what is going on. July 26th, by Ben Goldacre in bad science, publication bias | No Comments» By now I hope you all know about the ongoing global scandal of clinical trial results being left unpublished, and of course our AllTrials campaign.

Bad Science: Book summary and reviews of Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. Books shelved as book-reports: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling, The Maze Runner by James Dashne.

Bad science book report
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