Cablenet business plan

We would start out part time doing it at our own pace. Okay so this is the idea: He is a very highly skilled master carpenter who does mainly site construction, usually production carpentry and large trim jobs for builders and archies.

I provide my free shop space and do the marketing while he does the building and installing. My landlord said to tell him that if we want to rent more he only wants 80 cents a square foot - this includes utility too! We figured he would do the installs on his own time with his guys he has working for him.

My old boss called me the other day and said he would like to go partners with me on a small endeavor to generate more business in this field. He is soon to be acquiring the lease on the first floor of the building and he is turning into a full-blown shop space.

This way we could steer people away from buying junk cabinets from big box stores and all junk furniture - maybe we could do a revival in custom woodworking and get booked up with work this way. There is almost no risk involved! We already have a decent amount of free shop space.

He is an excellent craftsman but not a great business man. All the equipment is his and he would be making most of the cabinets while I am at work framing.

Tell me what you think!

Business Plan For A Small Cabinet Shop NEED INPUT

Both of us want to get away from site construction and get more into woodworking. Many of them use all the excessive space so they have their own workshop, some work from home etc My landlord has taken a liking to me and favors me for all the stuff I do to make the place nicer.

He has the skills and I have the business sense. My idea was that since we have such little overhead perhaps we can advertise that we make custom cabinets for the common homeowner, we could charge a bit less than wildly expensive shops, and if we do it with just the two of us wed only be paying us.

He has told me that he is going to be giving me a bit of space on the house because he likes me say ft sq. I however am still an apprentice in construction carpentry. I will be doing all of the advertising and marketing, as I have always been better with business then him.Free calls between Cablenet’s subscribers.

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Cablenet business plan
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