Data entry guide

The server running the application must have a Windows OS, preferably orand requires the latest. List All This is a list of all the information for this patient in Caisis. This feature should only be used when the current user has entered complete, superior quality data.

Select the Protocol Step 2: On the right side are the data entry forms for all of the data that can be stored in Caisis including medications, surgeries, medical therapies, and more.

Many members of the Caisis Development Team have first hand experience dealing with the obstacles that hinder effective clinic flow and data collection.

Deleting Lists Caisis users cannot delete Clinic and Protocol lists. Data entry simply means entering the given information into the electronic formats by using data processing programs such as MS word, Notepad or even in the online forms.

Online Micro job sites There are a lot of micro job sites like mTurk that offer data entry jobs.

Accounting system

Brachytherapy This view lists information on all brachytherapy procedures for this patient. Further information can be found at www.

But in order to make decent income you need to maintain typing speed of around WPM words per minute. Categories This view lists what categories a patient has been assigned to within the database.

Category lists are created and maintained in Caisis and provide a convenient way of grouping patients by user-defined criteria, such as treatment regimen or study arm. Enter Caisis The Caisis Login screen The login screen allows you to change your password or request a new password at any time.

Contact Status The contact status list allows you to view groupings of patients by their contact status - for instance all patients who requested to not be contacted.

Each one of these menus has a series of links to data entry forms including the medication, surgery, and allergy forms. Last Name last name gives an alphabetical listing of all of the patients in the database, by their last name.

Locked records can be edited only after clicking the unlock button. If the pending date has already passed, then the patient will be listed in the missing items list. In this job you will have to type the provided medical data into the data processing system.

Best Online Data Entry jobs – Complete Guide

View or Edit an Existing Protocol Step 1: Enter the new Category in the Category field and whether the list will be visible to all users Publicor just you Private. It will have some basic instructions available and arrows to all of the available list menus.

Consent This view lists the details about the consents a patient has received, signed, or rescinded. The new button is located with all of the buttons at the bottom of every entry screen.

Administrators and data managers have permission to unlock records for people who no longer are available to unlock the record themselves, so a record will never be permanently locked. The goal is to improve data quality and accuracy while reducing time and effort for clinicians and support staff.

Radiation Tx This view lists each of the radiation therapy treatments performed on the patient including the Start Date, Radiation Type, and Dosage information. These buttons are used to modify, delete, and add new records.

Requirements The application does not require any software licenses for the technologies in the system, including SQL Server, which has a free download, microsoft. Common Tasks is a link to Common Tasks. Technology Caisis is a web application built on a three-tier architecture utilizing proven enterprise level technologies.

What is Data Entry? Most Relevant This is a select view of the most relevant information for this patient in Caisis. All you need to know is — Typing! Changing Datasets Changing Datasets Caisis is a robust database that can support the storage of patient data from multiple sources.

The Purpose selections are: Other users cannot edit a locked record and its details. New A new record may be created by selecting the entry form from the menu bar which opens the form with a blank record or by clicking the new button if you are already in a form.

The effort has fostered a vibrant user community who continue to collaborate to develop the system, to further their research, and to implement clinical and operational improvements.Basic_Data_Entry_().doc - 2 - Introduction. The.

Data Entry Guide

Basic Data Entry Test. is a performance test designed to measure your ability to enter numbers, letters, and symbols into a computer database both quickly and. In this guide, for example, the Biographical Information chapter explains how to add, access, and work with the Bio1, Bio 2, Org 1, and Org 2 tabs.

This chapter introduces you to the basic concepts of a. peims data entry data guide – september 1 peims data entry guide – eschoolplus school year. peims data entry guide. Caisis User Manual Purpose and Conventions.

This user manual is intended to be a resource for all Caisis web application users. It describes Caisis components and provides detailed appendices with guidance on data entry and use of the application for specific specialties. What Is In This Guide?

In the Event Management Data Entry Guide, you learn how to manage all aspects of your organization’s events. You learn how to set up an event record by using the General, Prices, Expenses, Jobs, Actions, Attributes, Media.

Data Entry User’s Guide for Android Tweet Share on Facebook Linkedin Email Print The CSEntry for Android application is designed to be straightforward to use, with features and options that interviewers can easily control.

Data entry guide
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