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A very dynamic role that media is playing in bringing social change. Since then, this system has been regarded as the best system of government. To be sure, the Essay on democracy in urdu of integentsia in the formulation of the public opinion cannot be denied.

Most frequently, they publish stories to get short term popularity but it also followed numerous apologetic notes. So role of media as an information provider is most crucial. Today media is used as global opinion maker; both electronic and print media is purchased to shape the perception and opinion of the people.

Essay : Role Of Media

Comment areas are populated with readers how humans are created who seem to think that. No doubt, such change will lead to the creation of environment quite productive for the growth of democracy.

Democracy in Pakistan, Essay with Outlines:

Now a day media, both electronic and printing media is spreading consumerism. It is just because media in these countries is free, strong and playing its due role.

In the presence of high literacy, no real progress can be made. Jashn-e-Rekhta is a democracy essay in urdu festival to celebrate the quintessential spirit of Urdu - its inclusive ethos and creative richness The Jashn aspires to engage, enlighten and.

The architect of our homeland could not live long enough to set the country on the track of democracy. It never hesitates to appreciate those policies of the ruling party which ensure national integrity or promote public welfare.

Then, inthe war broke out between Pakistan and India. This is the reason political scientist Karl Deutsch has called that the system of communication proves a "nerve of the polity," and any breakdown of the nerve may cause dysfunctional impact in the performance of the polity causing governance decay.

Media performs crucial functions in a society, but some time its role may turned negative. From tofour times general elections were held. They learn to express their views without any restraint. The syllabus is designed in such a way that it really enlightens the youth. Where there is a strong media, awareness level of general public is very high.

As media is opinion maker, advocating and promoting any particular party may be a deception with general public.

Democracy essay in urdu

Of these roles major are discussed in following paragraphs. Hence it would not wrong to say that media is also playing a role of gate keeper for democracy. Media has highlighted the war crimes, brutalities, right of self determination, independence movements, and human rights violations.

Similarly, international media is promoting the agenda of few developed countries; it raises some serious question over their objectivity and impartiality they claim. It is not mandatory that only educated and learned people watch TV or read newspapers, because now it is easy for even an unlearned and illiterate people to be aware of its surroundings.diversity, democracy and citizenship.

Essay writing was the first activity of the project to identify students who could participate actively in the entire program of the year long project. and for many even Urdu was a second. Democracy is a system of rule by laws, not by individuals.

In a democracy, the rule of law protects the rights of citizens, no one above the law, not even a king or elected president. The law of fairly, impartially and consistently enforced by the courts that are independent of the other branches of the government.

Aug 05,  · Essay: Role Of Media.

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BBC Urdu radio, and Radio Tehran is listened as source of information and education. A very dynamic role that media is playing in bringing social change. Media has reshaped the societies with its vibrant approaches. Media is champion in promotion of democracy.

Its role remained exemplary in promoting the democracy. Failure of democracy in Pakistan [pic] Democracy can be defined as the government of the people by the people and for the people.

It is an ideal form of the government in which all the strata of the population has great say in the internal and external affairs of.

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Democracy Essay 1 Democracy is a means for the people to choose their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct in office. The key role of citizens in a democracy is to participate in public life.

Short Essay on Democracy with Quotations free Download Democracy is a system of government in which people choose their leaders by voting. This system is based on the direct approval of the public.

Essay on democracy in urdu
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