Essay on indian constitution and respect for diversity

They wear different types of garments. We can see very clearly here that people of different religions, creeds, castes, languages, cultures, lifestyle, dressing sense, faith in God, rituals of worship, etc live together with harmony under one roof means on one land of India.

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Essay on the Different Forms of Diversity in India

The great saints, rashes, preachers and philosophers have always been an integral part of composite and common Indian heritage and culture.

Different cultures, thoughts, faiths and styles of living got so well assimilated into the Indian culture as to strengthen its unity and integrity. In ancient times, it was Sanskrit, in medieval age it was Arabic or Persian and in modern times there are Hindi and English as official languages.

The Chief Justice further ruled that no authoritative text of Islam forbade the payment of regular maintenance to ex-wives. Diverse Languages and Unity in India The Indian people composed of several racial elements have a range of languages among them.

Religious tolerance in India was established by custom and law. Thus we can say India possess completely diversity on religious sphere. Indian culture is one of the oldest.

In addition the primitive men have their own peculiar cults which are quite distinct from these major religions. Chandragupta Maurya had tried to build one nation in Ancient time.

Who is the constitutional head of the Constitution of India? From the point of view of climate, there is sharp contrast. Despite debatable opinions according this issue, there are many advantages of such a marriage. In fact, India possesses richest variety of plants and animals known in the world.

He suggests secularism inevitable for the solidarity and integrity of India. The real executive power is thus vested in the Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister as its head.

People from around the world with different cultures are found living in a peaceful manner. Muslims in India form the largest religious population after the Hindus. The leaders of independent India realized that this new code would need to take into consideration the diversity of the land. India is a country which proves better the concept of unity in diversity.

Dhobi washermanDarjee tailor etc. Unity in diversity in almost all aspects of the society has become source of strength and wealth all through the country. People of various religions and castes have managed to live together for many years without any problem.

There was a vision for the citizens of free India, an idea or plan for what values the new nation would be built on. Among the people there are numerous races, castes, creeds, religions and languages. They all have been very well assimilated into its vibrant culture and heritage.

They are collectively known as Indian religions. Even in modern times, we all celebrate our National festivals, viz. But since centuries, they were born in and brought up by the same mother-land.

The moral and spiritual values of India have always been the same in spite of many political and social changes. People here are god fearing in nature and believe in purification of soul, rebirth, salvation, luxury of heaven and punishments of hell.

Hindi is a mother language in India however many other dialects and languages are spoken by the people of different religions and regions such as English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, Bihari, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Udiya, Gujarati, Kashmiri, etc ; however everyone feels proud to be the citizen of great India.

The divorce rate in India is low.Words Free Essay on unity in diversity in India Despite all these differences India is a political entity, every part of which is governed under the same Constitution.

We have to co-exist with each other peacefully, respect the culture and religions of our fellow Indians. An Essay on the Constitution - After gaining independence, Americans created a unique government.

Purposefully diverging from the seams of a monarchial government, Americans created a new one from the ideas of republicanism.

Essay About Indian Culture: Brief Overview

Essay About Indian Culture: Brief Overview. In: The Constitution of India made it possible. Religious tolerance in India was established by custom and law. Younger people and children show respect and honor to elders. Essay on honor completely reveals honor theme. It is a common gesture to touch feet of elders in India.

The first. Category: Important India On October 15, By Team Work You might be well aware of the Indian history, its diversified culture and ancient architectures! India is a large country and has rich cultural heritage. THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA REFLECTS THE UNITY IN DIVERSITY OF INDIA Constitution is a legal document having a special legal sanctity, which sets out the framework and the principal functions of the organs of the government of a state, and declares the principles governing the operation of those organs.

The Indian Constitution, though Euro-American in appearance, is native in its spirit. This nativity is reflected in several of its provisions, and the vision of Founding Fathers to establish a just society through constitutional means.

Apart from briefly tracing the aims and objectives of the Indian.

Essay on indian constitution and respect for diversity
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