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What community policing teaches. View Full Essay Words: The list will include ten police actions in which an officer might use or not use discretion for.

In the role as a police officer decision making is not easy. Society believes that an officer can make any choice he or she chooses at anytime while on the job.

Police put to good use their power of discretion everyday and different issues involve different discretionary actions and some, none at all.

If the citizen complies and is completely cooperative, and the officer decides to use a little force, that would be an Essays on police discretion of power.

Training the 21st century police officer: Domestic Violence Police officers have a significant level of discretion when ethical decision making is incorporated in deciding how to respond to a domestic violence call.

This discretion is abuse of power. This is because; he is not serving the interests of the community, but rather the code of silence within a police department, so they say. If a list was created of things an officer would use discretion for, the list could be examined to see if the proper use of discretion is reasonable to the situation.

When an officer decides to let a citizen off on a speeding ticket, or gives warnings during a disturbance call, it is because the officer feels that it is reasonable enough to give a warning. It is the responsibility and the privilege of police officers to render or implement discretion upon their will.

Police Discretion Essays (Examples)

Discretion is not doing how you please. To create better police officers, training in terrorism and how to recognize typical terrorism suspects must be stepped up and addressed in all communities.

Reflections on institutionalized corruption.

Public Administration Review, 58 6 One of these 21st century problems facing law enforcement is terrorism. In some cases an officer depending on the situation will give out a warning, and advise the citizen to be aware of the law and not to do it again.

These ten situations all require an action upon an officer, and a discretional decision.

Police Discretion

Police officers are given the authority to make reasonable and responsible decisions out in the field. In Police and policing: Reinventing or repackaging public services? Officers often do not choose to arrest in a domestic dispute because they believe the family, not the justice system, should resolve the problem.

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing many officers is the use of…… [Read More] References Bucqueroux, B. Contemporary issues, Kenney, D.Police Discretion Police Discretion Discretion is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “the ability to make responsible decisions, individual choice or judgment, power of free decision or latitude of choice within certain legal bounds.”.

Police discretion is a constant consideration within Police services. It is seen by many to be both an essential part of policing as well as a constant source of issues. Police Discretion Police discretion is the ability to choose a course of action because of broad limits of power.

It "refers to the autonomy an officer has in choosing an. Police Discretion is the exercise of individual choices or judgments that police officers have concerning possible courses of action (Cox, p. ). Saying that police Discretion needs to be abolished is an unrealistic goal, but better supervision of patrol officers and better departments policies and procedures on the use of discretion is.

Police discretion is a tool used by officers; it gives them the ability to utilize the law to the letter or not to enforce it to the letter of the law.

Some say that latitude in decision making by frontline staff is one of the defining characteristics of human service organizations. Discretion is 3/5(6).

There is a plethora of research that has been done on police discretion: it lists as many as titles related to discretion of the police in criminal justice alone and the the way discretion is used and how it affects their decision making.

Essays on police discretion
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