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They have preserved these treasures, while in contrast, American historic buildings and natural places Gilman scholarship essay tips often built over.

I will need to find a job to support myself while I continue to work on my creative interests, including writing.

With these circumstances, being a learning abroad student would be my first and only opportunity to travel, and scholarships are my only source of funding. But even more than that, the London Street Scenes program would be the most amazing experience of my life so far.

This student spends a lot of time discussing the location of her program; she is very specific about what aspects have drawn her to the culture of London.

I appreciate that the British place value on that beauty and that they seem to live with energy, optimism, and a celebration of their past and present. We will study Victorian and post-colonialist authors. My trip would be a real example of the opportunities education can give.

I am a senior and will be graduating this summer semester. As soon as I graduate I am excited to begin working. I have always dreamed of going to England, but have never had the opportunity to travel before.

The past has always been interesting to me, and Britain has centuries more history than the United States. In this program, the interactive class is given Mondays through Wednesdays, and the remainder of the week belongs to the students to pursue their own interests. I am so hopeful that I can travel to England; I have always been enamored with British culture.

Right from the beginning lines of this essay, the reader knows exactly what the author is about, why she wants to go abroad, and what her program will be like.

As excited as I am for my learning abroad program, I know that travel comes with challenges. We will have access to the student facilities such as the cafeteria, library, and computers.

Portions of this essay have been removed out of consideration for the privacy of the author Essay: I think that the familiarity, convenience, and security of that college environment will be helpful to me as a first time traveler. It would be the perfect finish for my English degree; it is a chance to experience in person the settings of the literature that I have been studying.

I am planning an individual research project about the role of London in the life and works of Jane Austen. Receiving the Gilman scholarship would make it possible for me to pay for the program cost. Following the essay, I give a brief discussion of what I feel to be the strong points of this essay.

I think the people of Britain have a greater appreciation of their history and nature. However, experiencing the city of London would be more than enough for me.

I love so many things of British society, the art and architecture, tradition, linguistics, music, royalty, fashion, food, the stunning landscapes, and multicultural people. Doing something for the first time naturally makes me nervous, but my excitement is even more powerful than my nerves.

One of my goals for the future is to write historical fiction set in England, so this trip would certainly be an inspiration for me. Essay readers want to see that you have thoughtfully chosen a learning abroad program that is going to benefit you personally, academically, professionally; this essay is an excellent example of such a thoughtful selection.

I believe that I can handle the challenges, so completing this trip would give me the confidence and personal accomplishment of overcoming such emotional hardships. In addition to my love for its literature, I find its history fascinating.

Here are a few key aspects which made this essay a strong contender for the Gilman scholarship: The student who wrote this essay was awarded a Gilman scholarship for her summer learning abroad program to London, England. This study abroad experience will be a valuable addition to my resume and something to discuss with potential employers.

The opening paragraph of this essay is great; it is straight-forward, simple. This study abroad program would fulfill all but one of my remaining upper division English credits as well as the International Requirement for my Bachelor of Arts degree.

While pursuing this research about my favorite author, I think it will just be fun to wander along the streets and absorb the city that has influenced so many creative minds.Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Application.

The Gilman Scholarship Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Tips for starting your application. Application Essays.

There are two essays required as part of the Gilman Scholarship application: the Statement of Purpose Essay and the Follow-on Service Project Proposal. Sep 29,  · Advisors who have served on the Gilman National Review Panel share tips on writing the Statement of Purpose and Follow-on Project Essays.

Gilman Scholarship Essay Gilman Scholarship.

Education Abroad Scholarship Opportunities This Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship program, administered by the Institute of International Education, seeks to diversify the kinds of students who study abroad and the. Gilman Scholarship Tips and Hints Below is a helpful guide to help assist you in applying for the Benjamin A.

Gilman International Scholarship. Sep 05,  · The following is a sample of a successful Gilman essay submission.

The student who wrote this essay was awarded a Gilman scholarship for her summer learning abroad program to London, England. Following the essay, I give a brief discussion of what I feel to be the strong points of this essay.

*Note: Portions of this essay have.

Gilman scholarship essay tips
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