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Hamilton bigsby or notable guest stars[ edit ]. The sketch depicts events in which a character is just minding his business until someone else says or does something that the first character does not like.

Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X. The sketch attained even Hamilton bigsby public attention when, ina candidate for city council in Hattiesburg, Mississippialso named Rick James but unrelated to the singer, had many of his "Vote Rick James" campaign signs defaced by writing "Vote Rick James bitch!

Taylor has appeared in a few sketches, the first of which was the "Reparations" sketch from season one. A little town called none ya goddamn bidness. When asked about the infant he carts around in a stroller, Tron says, "I just bought this baby, cash. Robot Dancing Man — Set designer Karl Lake did the robot dance in random places, including a barbershop, club, and a courtroom in a deleted scene.

The characters all dressed and acted in the manner of flamboyant s pimps. Also, in the opening theme for season three, Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings have hogtied and taken the place of the two men who start off the show.

The character is given a choice: One of them is during the "Slow-Motion" sketch, in the club, when Dave acknowledges him by saying "The Robot", and emulating him. Tron also appeared in the first episode of season three in a sketch in which he described an altercation with Method Man and was tortured by the methods described in the song " Method Man " from Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers.

The rapper credited the sketch with increasing his visibility. He also expressed his displeasure that many white families do not use washcloths when taking a shower or bath.

He gets robbed and harassed on his way to work. Chappelle performed sketches that premiered intricate cultural topics, such as prostitution, the entertainment industrygun violencenumerous drug references particularly marijuanaalcohol, PCPcrystal meth and crack cocaine and music, all performed in a comedic fashion with a touch of antagonism.

Leonard Washington played by Chappelle — Washington first appeared in the first-season sketch "Trading Spouses", wherein he acted as the patriarch of a white family for a month. Chappelle performs a short stand up in front of a live audience, which serves to introduce the upcoming sketch.

Charlie Sheen stated that he was hospitalized in as a result of developing a hernia from laughing so hard upon viewing the sketch.

This later spawned a sequel called "Haters in Time" where the haters went back in time to when the Africans were slaves and end up killing one of the slave masters. In the sketches, he is generally not acknowledged, despite the out-of-place behavior, nor does he acknowledge anyone.

During one encounter in the last scene of the sketch, a thug played by Donnell Rawlings quips, "Hey Calvin! He follows by stating he has to "stop smoking this shit here" as his friends break out in laughter. The first Frontline sketch, "Blind Supremacy", featured the life of Clayton Bigsby played by Chappellea biography of a blind white supremacist who is not aware that he is actually a black man.

In the reparations episode, he is shown gambling in Brooklyn and described as a Harlem resident, but in another episode, he is shown in his house on "Everglade Boulevard" bagging up cocaine and watching the fictitious R. The show ends with a musical performance by a hip hop or soul artist.

Ashy Larry played by Donnell Rawlings — A shirtless black man with flaky-white skin and chapped lips, he is always seen wearing a pair of white boxer shorts. Robot Man is seen in the background doing his dance and the harmonica player yells out "Robot, help us!

Notably, when entering rooms unfamiliar to him, Washington looks out the windows to see if he is being followed. Chuck Taylor played by Chappelle — The lead "white" anchor on the fictitious "News 3", he is played by Chappelle in whiteface makeup and a blonde wig.

In the sketch, people mostly white ask him various questions such as "Negrodamus, why do white people love Wayne Brady so much?

Regretting the decision to leave the show, Chappelle returns and confronts Brady. Negrodamus — Paul Mooney plays a black prophet and fortune teller a satire of Nostradamus. A few exceptions to this rule have occurred.

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Chappelle also played the white representative, while rapper Mos Def played the black representative, and radio personality Angie Martinez played the Hispanic representative. His first appearance was in the second episode of season one. One of the only things that can make Leonard Washington back down is being shot.Hamilton Turnberry baby changing bags look like a handbag but they are big enough so you can fit all your baby essentials in plus all your personal items.

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