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Also, Document 1 is written by a government official who wished to prevent flooding and conserve water. Being able to control the flood water and conserve it would prevent crops from being ruined and the conserved water would be able to be used for farming.

This shows that the Hans really were proud of their work and saw their technology as a way to portray their supremacy just as the Romans did.

This would greatly help the farmers who were often devastated by the floods.

Han and Rome DBQ

The same was true in the first and second centuries B. An additional document that would strengthen this point of view would be one from the wife or daughter of an upper-class man in either of these empires. The yellow river Han rome dbq quite frequently. The Han empire valued technology greatly and saw it as the best way to improve the lives of the common working class.

This bold statement makes it seem like there is almost a competition going on to see who has the best technology and according to Romans it was obviously them. A document that would solidify this perspective would be one from a person in the working class. Both empires were proud of their advancements and thought they were better than those of surrounding societies.

In Document 2 a government official, named Huan Guan, realizes that the state has made a mistake in monopolizing salt and iron trades because the tools being made are not as high of quality as those made by workers for their own use.

Furthermore, Document 3 tells about the pestle and the mortar which were invented by the emperor Fuxi. In addition, Document 2 also shows how the Han wish to improve the lives of the commoners.

Technology was so important to the Hans that even their emperor was creating new forms of it. Although the Hans and the Romans both viewed technology as a way to show off their power, the Hans saw technology as a valued and practical application to better the lives of the common people, while the Romans thought that technology was only useful if it was created by the upper class.

These two empires were very powerful during their time and technology was used widely across both. Document 1 shows how the Hans used technology to help the farmers.Get access to Han And Roman Views On Teachnoloy Dbq Essays only from Anti Essays.

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Although technology often benefited Han and Roman life, attitudes towards its use in society changed because of varying opinions on the control of water, use of tools, and labor required to complete tasks. Technology during the Han and Roman empires was seen as a tool to show how great and powerful the empire was.

Both empires were proud of their advancements and thought they were better than those of surrounding societies. Han and Rome DBQ Han and Roman attitudes towards technology both changed over time for the better.

DBQ Han and Roman technology

The Han attitude toward manufacturing and labor of technology was more open and positive than the Romans, which had a. Below is an essay on "Ap World History Han vs. Roman Dbq" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Han V.S Roman Technology Beliefs Throughout China a disagreement in the needs of technology differed between the Han, and Roman Empire/5(1). Jackson Pedersen December 8, DBQ Essay The Han and Roman Empires shared similar interests and attitudes towards technology.

Technology emerged as a primary focus for these two civilizations.5/5(1).

Han rome dbq
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