News channels turning into entertainment channels

These stinking rats have screwed up every single country they have lived. They have had enough warning and it is time for them to back off. Turn on the TV, fool. The number 5 was used to illustrate the fundamental principle of a fundamental right to independence regardless of size of population or size of country.

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What has dress code got to do with elections? A figurative 5 people are the 3 or 4 million remaining American Indians who want their continent back but have to play to the tune of the other million immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

By the grace of God the situation we are in will not require force, but if we are pushed to it we will respond accordingly. No ogbunigwe will be needed.

The answer obviously is yes, because as the historical facts show, Hitler led his country to destruction. Instead, they chose to politically destabilise the each other; one even decided to prostitute himself for political advantage.

Buhari being voted in does not mean we are voiceless or damned to a cesspit: Even had a nice purple paint job. Yes Nigeria is dominated by the north. Northerners know this and they played both Awo and Zik to their own advantage.

I agree with you that unity between the Yoruba and Ibo is a way to break the Northern yoke; this unity is what should have happened during the Biafran war — the Yoruba should have united with the Ibo to drive the Northerners back North, and then should have formed their own separate independent countries afterwards.

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Hell, everyone is already shooting each other these days because they see it in the movies and video games. The northern domination issue can be solved politically if we wholeheartedly pull together. This is a case of sour grapes from someone that has no name, yes a nonentity and nonentities will always hide behind sour grapes of anonymity.

Do you really mean to say the majority of Nigerians who voted are stupid or non-compos mentis? If you have any evidence put it out on social media. Perhaps we can borrow a leaf from the political books of the Ibru brothers instead of tearing ourselves apart. A disaster waiting to happen.

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There is no statute of limitations on murder and Buhari should be convicted for all of the above even at this late stage. I mean no disrespect but it is what it is. They are even now putting total faggots on TV all the time. Because the sick crap is very real and they know it.

So if you have any balls come out into the open. No blood shall be shed My reverence to all the great names I mentioned, for theirs is true grit greatness. With hindsight, I now see it as a political masterstroke. If this is the case they deserve to be struck atomically just like the Japanese were.

It is detestable to come here, hiding behind anonymity and accusing someone of murder. Weaker-minded individuals see it and want to take part in all the fun. I was not happy with what they did: This self-destructive divisiveness must stop if we are to break the yoke of northern domination.

I guarantee you the Jews own this channel and idiot White liberals and Jews are staffed all though-out. How about this recent thing I noticed all by my lonesome. Please enlighten me as to where a tribe of 5 people have called for independence.

The elections may or may have been perfect but at least majority of Nigerians made their choice.

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So just because the majority of Nigerians voted for Buhari does not mean they are not stupid besides it was not a large majority that voted for Buhari; the election was actually quite close. This pedophile thingie is also why they got themselves the legal right to adopt children.

Am I happy with it? The North are like the Japanese of the 2nd World War — they claim they will fight to the death for property that does not belong to them.Network Network 18's digital content and commerce segment includes a portfolio of brands catering to a wide range of interests and services, including news and entertainment, markets and finance, online shopping and ticketing, and mobile phone services and applications.

Movie, music, TV and celebrity news on MSN Entertainment News. New York Distilling Company is the focus of the latest installment of Fox News Digital's 'American Roots' series.

A look at how it invigorates and capitalizes on its surroundings to create a. Get up to the minute entertainment news, celebrity interviews, celeb videos, photos, movies, TV, music news and pop culture on By Phillip Marlowe (I’m baaaaack!) Yesterday, the US Boy Scouts dropped the word ‘boy” from their name.

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News channels turning into entertainment channels
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