Notes on aqualisa quartz case study summary

So we feel that this strategy can work to increase sales of the Quartz product. Developer Market Thirdly there is a developer market in UK. However, we see that this channel is not approached effectively for promoting Quartz. Mixer shower valves are better than these electric showers because in addition to temperature controlling valves a booster could be added to increase water flow.

However, a low sale in Quartz is attributed to insufficient knowledge about the new products. We can get displays around the country and everyone can view its benefits through demonstration. So it is important to target the plumbers and make them aware about the product. Moreover, company is not ready to offer discounts for this product.

Introduction of Quartz Quartz innovation in May is a breakthrough in the shower market. Out of units produced, the company has sold only 81 units. Other alternative one can think is lowering the price. Moreover, showrooms and do-it-yourself markets the offer wide scope to increase the sales.

So the need of hour is to change the marketing strategy. It is recommended that the marketing and sales department should target plumbers, trade shops and showrooms as by doing this the product can be popular.

This is the most important channel of selling the product as discussed above. Hoardings and brochures can be used to make people aware about the product. The marketing strategies are thoroughly analyzed and the loop-holes have been spotted. We analyse that the Quartz product is not introduced under this channel.

This way the product will attract the customer and can become a leading product in the market. However, due to certain market strategies the company is losing its quality and sales. Gainsborough and Aquavalve are its leading products. These customers buy inexpensive product that are easy to install.

Once it is popular with the customers it will be a hit product and it can take Aqualisa to new soaring heights making it one of the highest selling companies.

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This is discussed in the following section. Moreover, plumbers consider mixer valves more reliable than the power showers.

It can furthermore cut the advertisement costs. Even though boiler is installed in the electric shower to give desired temperature but it has a poor water flow. It is designed to meet the consumer needs which earlier were not met by electric shower and mixer valve that is good pressure at stable temperatures.

We recommend that the company focus on them by promoting their product, its benefits and give them lucrative offers. Conclusion The report is followed by appendices at the end which gives an elaborate view about the company, markets, consumers and the product analysis.

Issue In spite of these benefits and being awarded best product in Bathroom Expo in London this product could not carve a niche in the market and sold 30 to 40 units per day instead of or units per day. We recommend that customers can be targeted directly through advertisements. These shops focus on right products that are in demand as they cannot learn features and benefits of the 45, items available in market.

The report deals with the current market strategy analysis because of which the Quartz sales have not received a good response in the market.

Plumbers buy from the trade shops directly who are the installers and contribute to the major sales as people take their advice. Aqualisa is sellingunits of electric shower under the name of Gainsborough and 94, units of mixer showers under the name of aquavalve.Aqualisa Quartz Case Analysis Report.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Purpose of the Report. Aqualisa is UK’s leading shower selling company with 18% share in the market. However, due to certain market strategies the company is losing its quality and sales. Note: “Retail price” refers to the price charged by the retailer (trade shop, showroom, or /5(K).

Aqualisa will need to convey the positive attributes of the new shower products and overcome the stigma associated with electronic showers from previous generations. A strong marketing effort should target establishing the Aqualisa Quartz shower products as a viable and quality alternative to the existing products available that is ultimately a.

Case 2: Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a better shower 1. Executive summary Aqualisa launched an innovative shower incalled the Quartz shower but the success wasn’t immediate. At present, the most important goal for Aqualisa company is to increase its new showers in terms of units and profit.

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Aqualisa Quartz is case study of Harvard business school. Words | 7 Pages AQUALISA QUARTZ In an industry where gaining a competitive advantage through product innovation was deemed impossible, Aqualisa developed a breakthrough product, launching the Quartz in the U.K.

shower market in May with great optimism.

Aqualisa Quartz Case Analysis Report

Aqualisa Quartz Case Write up Problem: Aqualisa is suffering from a lack of sales momentum with their new Quartz product line due to a lack strategic promotion.

The firm is has boldly attempted to innovate the electric segment of the UK’s shower market.

Notes on aqualisa quartz case study summary
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