Potentials and constraints of rural development

Potentials and Constraints of Rural Development in Zambia

However, no attempt has been made to analyse the detailed financial and economic aspects of the proposed investments and projects except to determine their technical and economic soundness.

There is clearly room for further improvement.

Rural development has a few concerns. Among the socio-economic targets of all countries is the development of the rural areas. Raising pigs on a commercial basis thus require farmers to produce more grain than they need for their own consumption and this calls for increased inputs into the crop enterprise.

In Ghana, for example, these efforts have largely focused on the provision of subsidised tractors to the farming population see Houssou et al.

A technology to be generally transferable to intended farmers should have some flexible and universal characteristics which will enable it to be adapted to variable situations.

Livelihoods could be enhanced in the areas of improved access to money to pay for school fees and to buy basics like food, clothes and improve their shelter. The average herd size was 2.

The following are some of the potentials of rural development: Principally, there are two ways of improving the profitability of the industry: Even though the fish landed is primarily sold as fresh uniced or iced fish, a substantial volume is salted and dried during the seasonal glut.

The share of marine fisheries has steadily increased from The major challenges faced by pig farmers in Etayi Constituency were poor nutrition, husbandry skills due to lack of extension services, diseases and lack of access to lucrative markets.

Rural outputs and incomes can be increased if and when a truly integrated approach is taken to harness and utilise these embanked and poldered land and aquatic resources. C AED Agric.

Supply of fish instead of its demand is more of a problem.

This process depends on two factors: The use of pesticides and fertilizers in ricefields is increasing daily in Bangladesh, where tons and different types of pesticides are used annually.

This is mainly due to the lack of efficient and low-cost transportation and network of good roads. As far as a pond as a natural resource is concerned, soil type, local climate, geographical location, size, depth and water-holding capacity; water availability and localized environmental impact are some of the major determinants for consideration of suitability of the water body for a particular aquaculture technology.Aquaculture for Rural Development and Poverty Reduction in Sri Lanka: An Assessment of Potentials and Constraints obbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute.

Principles and practices of extension education, rural development, adult education and community development; comparison between principles, concepts and process of extension education, adult education, community development and rural and agricultural development.

activist participatory research, rural development research, development market research, adult education, development communication, popular theatre and technology assessment (Mikkelsen, ).

At present PRA and RRA are two unavoidable concepts used in development language and in presentation of participatory methods, techniques and tools. 1 AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT floods, poses serious constraints and challenges for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD).


strategy for addressing the rural development needs of developing nations. Throughout South and Southeast Asia today, there is a critical need to understand systematically the potentials and constraints of such indigenĀ­ ous NGOs in spurring the rural development process. Constraints and Potentials of Diversified Agricultural Development in Eastern India Project Team mi-centre.com, Director Council for Social Development New Delhi to analyse the constraints and potentials of diversified rural growth in the different Eastern states, considering various agro-climatic, socio-economic.

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Potentials and constraints of rural development
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