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The United Kingdom is the only country that allowed therapeutic cloning of human embryos solely in research purposes. That is why we can only analyze its pros and cons and form our attitude to cloning, considering all the arguments of specialists.

The nightmares of reproductive cloning As of today, the majority of common people instinctively associate cloning to reproductive cloning, not to therapeutic cloning. The problem, then, is not the technology per se, but how we use that technology. What will happen if a person touches the fruits from the tree of life?

If he or she has the nuclear DNA from only one preexisting individual, if he or she was not the product of separate sperm and ovum, would such an individual fit the term "human," the way the rest of us do?

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As of this writing, it is unknown whether human cloning actually could be performed today. Is the "latest edition" of the cloned individual an individual in his or her own right? And while research continues, we can work toward addressing the ethical issues regarding human cloning by developing professional codes of conduct and governmental regulation where necessary in order to minimize potential abuse, just as we did regarding organ transplantation and initial fears that organ transplantation would create black markets in organs.

These patients often must wait for long periods of time, sometimes years, for an available organ and then hope the organ is not rejected by the body.

We recognize and appreciate the contributions and sacrifices that individuals make when they choose with a mind and voice of their own. Asexual Reproduction The technique itself raises fundamental questions. As scientific interest in cloning waned, so did the apparent need for extensive ethical discussion concerning the possibilities of human cloning.

This will lead to social inequality. The result is greater accuracy and precision in the hypothesis or improved data collection.

More subtle differences in development or gene expression might only emerge from latency after years or in reaction to environmental influences, too late to detect or intercept.

Cloning: Where Is My Double?

Since we would not do this with children or adults we should not do it with five-to-seven-day old embryos blastocytesthey contend. In short, it is possible to define appropriate and inappropriate uses for cloning just as we have for a variety of other new medical procedures.

The technique of cloning by somatic Prohibiting cloning essay nuclear transfer SCNT is steadily improving, suggesting a certain momentum. What is evident, however, is that if human cloning is not technologically feasible now, it certainly is theoretically possible, and, once the procedures are refined, likely will occur soon.

In August ofDr. At present the dispute on the attitude to experiments on human cloning raises several questions:Many bills in the United States are demanding for the prohibition of reproductive cloning since it has numerous medical and ethical disadvantages.

The American Medical Association holds four points of reason why cloning should not take place. Cloning a person is the feasibility of creating a clone of a person who will reproduce the donor person not only externally, but also at the genetic level.

This creates moral and legal problems in the form of the rhetorical question. Should the cloning of human beings be prohibited Photo by: Perov Stanislav Viewpoint: Yes, because of the potential physical dangers and the profound ethical dilemmas it poses, the cloning of human beings should be prohibited.

Sep 22,  · Cloning Essays (Examples) Filter results by: of which failed to pass the Senate because of vehement disagreement that was even "within the parties over the prohibition of therapeutic cloning.(National Legislation Concerning Human and Reproductive Cloning, ; paraphrased) As of the date of the report on legislation.

The laws regulating and governing human genetic engineering differ from one country to another. Inthe United States debated whether they should ban prenatal engineering. The Australian government prohibits germline therapy through the “Prohibition of Human Cloning Act” (Rosario, Knooppers, & Nguyen, ).

Essay on The Benefits of Human Cloning Words 5 Pages The Benefits of Human Cloning In recent years, many new breakthroughs in the areas of science and technology have been discovered.

Prohibiting cloning essay
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