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Vimy Ridge

Military mining played a big role in the battle of Vimy Ridge. They consisted of a maze of trenches, concrete machine gun strong points that had hedges of barbed wire woven around them, and deep dugouts, all linked by communication trenches and connecting tunnels. One out of 12 Canadians… would serve in uniform.

They got the locations of every trench, machine gun and other valuable information about the enemy by using aerial photographs taken by the Royal Flying Corps and information from intelligence raids across enemy lines.

Five words that elicit a range of emotions — from national pride to a feeling of loss — in the hearts of all Canadians. Britain and France both attempted to take control of the Ridge which was currently occupied by the German Army and both failed.

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Of thewho would wear the uniform, more than 66, would give their lives… to fight for our freedom. As we celebrate Canadalet us also reflect on our past, and the courage, bravery, and sacrifice that built this great nation. Vimy Ridge was a key to the German defence system.

Engineers built a network of tunnels under no-mans land. This meant that the Canadians would have to attack Remebering vimy essay open ground where they would become prime targets for German artillery, machine guns and rifle fire. Let us be reminded of the values Canadians were willing to fight for and the importance of the First World War in shaping the country we enjoy today.

Tens of thousands of people will come together today… overseas at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France, at the National War Memorial in Ottawa and in communities like this across the country… to pay tribute to those who fought and those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the First World War.

And we will never forget. General Currie had Remebering vimy essay full scale model of Remebering vimy essay Ridge built to train his soldiers. Growing by Immigration Speech: Today, Canada remembers the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

In just four days of battle, more than 10, Canadian soldiers were killed or wounded. He left nothing to chance, every stage of the attack was planned to the very last detail. The bravery, ingenuity and fighting skills demonstrated by these men helped secure this important victory.

It is only fitting that we commemorate the th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge the same year we celebrate the th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. To reach their final objectives on the far side of the Ridge, the Canadians would have to capture the commanding heights of Hill and Hillwhich formed the crest of Vimy Ridge.

Victory rarely comes without sacrifice, and the victory at Vimy Ridge came at a great cost. The German defence system was made up of three defensive lines.

The soldiers were also trained to use the enemy machine guns so when the enemy guns were captured, they would know how to use them. Over 1, Canadians lost their lives retrieving this information.

Many would see training at Camp Sussex. It rose 61 m. It was left to the Canadian Army to take the Ridge. On April 9,the four divisions of the Canadian Corps fought side by side for the first time.

The Battle was a pivotal moment in Canadian history… and it helped build a legacy for tomorrow. This essay will prove that after many struggles, and careful preparation, Canada was defined as a Nation at Vimy Ridge. The key positions of the model were marked with flags and coloured tape.

Currie believed "Thorough preparation must lead to success. Currie had his soldiers practice and rehearse every step they would take on the day of the attack, so when the day came, the troops would be fully informed about their objectives and their routes.Essay on The Battle of Vimy Ridge: The Birth of The Canadian Nation Words 6 Pages One of Canada’s largest military endeavors was the.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge. Five words that elicit a range of emotions – from national pride to a feeling of loss – in the hearts of all Canadians. Five words that elicit a range of emotions – from national pride to a feeling of loss – in the hearts of all Canadians.

Remebering Vimy Essay - Whether it be depictions of the “noble savage” or a red-clad, horse-riding Mountie patrolling the northern nation, Canadians have a knack for creating a mythical element to their past. Vimy Ridge is a hill in France that was single handily captured by Canadian soldiers from Germany in World War 1.

Since then many people in history have argued whether it was Canada's coming of age as a nation. Essay about Canada's Victory in the Battle of Vimy Ridge - In the spring ofthe battle of Vimy Ridge took place. As the Germans occupied it, the British had fought long and hard, but had failed to capture it after many attempts.

Vimy Ridge This essay will describe the events that took place at Vimy Ridge during World War I. Britain and France both attempted to take control of the Ridge which was/5(1).

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