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Current customers are cheaper to target since Renova is more familiar with their needs, and they are more familiar with the Renova brand, products, and quality. Shellie Karabell, our director of Media Relations, immediately understood the power of the story and, although she speaks no Portuguese, she went with Raquel to Portugal to interview people on the street, shoving black toilet paper in their face and asking them about their reactions!

Amazingly, the Renova case fits all of these criteria. Any advice for case writers? Therefore, Renova should not compete with cost in order to produce high-quality tissue products in order to sell their high quality product at a competitive price in order to generate higher revenues and ultimately increase the profit.

Problems faced by Renova 1. In order for Renova to be appealing and successful over time, it must be positioned in a way that clearly solves the targeted segments needs and wants.

Renova Toilet Paper: Avant-garde Marketing in a Commoditized Category

The video material adds tremendously to the learning experience of the students. Video material At INSEAD, we are fortunate enough to have a wonderful team of multi-media journalists and technicians and they helped put together an extensive library of video material to accompany the case available free to instructors when they purchase the teaching note.

Moreover, colored toilet papers have almost entirely disappeared from supermarket shelves. On the other hand, the private label is not compromising with its quality due to high market share.

Explain in Detail and Provide Examples. How did you make contact with the company? And now the world is talking about Renova, they have opened new distribution channels, they are selling in 57 countries vs 4 beforeand they are the subject of an INSEAD case study! Printer-friendly version Renova Toilet Paper: Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution Related Case Solutions: If Renova wants to decrease the cost, then Renova should put in its best efforts and save cost by reducing the inventory, which is not required at that time.

The other alternative of partnering with retailers to produce private labels is not well defined, as it encompasses a broad range of consumers ranging from consumers of basic toilet paper to consumers of premium toilet paper.

In this way, Renova will be able to generate a competitive frame to launch Renova black as a product for personal care. Instead, they are providing skin care and thus well being and now, with coloured toilet paper, home decoration.

The biggest challenge from a technological point of view for Renova is establishing an innovative range of products, and it has gained large market share. It would be detrimental for Renova to address this impediment by assimilating private labels points-of-difference since Renova is a brand leader.

Furthermore, the positioning statement provides the product with an evolution from the basic function of the category to a new attribute with an enhanced image.

Consequently, the benefits of Renova black must be positioned as a symbol of well-being and luxury. Goal Analysis As a firm which pursues a Product Leadership approach, the most important goal for Renova is to focus on affluent consumers who care less about price and more about brand and image and get these customers to purchase a premium toilet paper, Renova black.

Renova Toilet Paper Marketing Case

This is just a sample partial work. Teaching objectives The case is a very inspiring illustration of the value of good marketing.

Renova Toilet Paper Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The idea to write a case about Renova, and the link to the company, came from Raquel Seabra de Sousa. While concentrating on current customers may initially be the path of least resistance, focusing on this segment will not drive the ultimate goal of becoming Renova a wellbeing brand.

With zero marketing investment, Renova completely changed the rules of the category and turned a very boring product, one that most people would never talk about in public, into something fun and interesting; almost a work of art.Renova Toilet Paper Case Solution,Renova Toilet Paper Case Analysis, Renova Toilet Paper Case Study Solution, Renova Toilet Paper Case Solution Introduction: The first sheet of paper as a Renova reference made by David Ardisson in in central Portugal, and firs.

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Award winning author, Pierre Chandon, Professor of Marketing, INSEAD, France talks about the development of his case Renova Toilet Paper: Avant-garde Marketing in. Free Essay: Renova Toilet Paper Renova has established itself as a global organization in the disposable paper industry with about workers and posting.

Renova Toilet Paper Case Solution, Renova Toilet Paper Case Solution What in your opinion are the problems (if exist) for Renova pursuing this. Renova has established itself as a global organization in the disposable paper industry with about workers and posting sales of million euros in specially within Portuguese, Spanish, French and central European markets.

As a global market, the tissue one is dominated by strong companies as Procter and Gamble and Kimberly. To overcome this impediment, Renova should leverage the launch of its new black toilet paper to strengthen its positioning as a product leader company selling unique products that go beyond the basic offering of toilet paper and communicate superior benefits in the minds of consumers of a specific targeted segment.

Renova toilet paper case
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