Research paper on cyberstalking

Studies are very difficult to compare due to differences in the definition Research paper on cyberstalking cyberstalking and research methods employed.

Keywords Botnet; Computer Virus; Cyber Crime; Cyberbullying; Cyberstalking; Cyberterrorism; Cyberpornography; Denial of Service Attack; Hacktivism; Identity Theft; Information Society; Internet; Malware; Spam Social Impacts of Cyber Crime Overview Computer-related crime dates to the origins of computing, though the greater connectivity between computers through the Internet has brought the concept of cyber crime into the public consciousness of our Research paper on cyberstalking society.

Conduct producing a hostile environment is specifically included in this statute. However, other forms of cyber crime have a much more violent intent.

Gene Stephens wrote about the present and future reality of cyber crime and made several predictions: Cyberstalking and Free Speech: Currently all but four states Idaho, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Utah have laws prohibiting harassing conduct of adult victims through the Internet, email, or other electronic means.

People may feel in proximity to each other when they are online despite the actual physical distance involved. Deviant Behavior, 33 1 The study examines whether the Routine Activities Theory RAT could explain cyberstalking victimization patterns on social networking sites.

These four factors include a lifestyle or routines that: Females are found to be more likely to be victims and males are more likely to be offenders.

Recent research, however, found differences between real-world and cyberstalking. Cyberstalkers most commonly harass their victims through email, but may also use Web sites, chat rooms, discussion forums, and open publishing Web sites e.

Some even choose to die due to the harrassment. Several of these activities have a long history that predates the Internet, and they also have technological antecedents. The article discusses cyberstalking and how it might be hard for law enforcement to deal with this issue due to how easy it is to remain anonymous on the Internet.

Reflecting on his predictions in a article, Stephens noted that he and others foresaw much of the cyber crime to come: Cyber crime can involve botnets, computer viruses, cyber bullying, cyberstalking, cyberterrorism, cyberpornography, Denial of Service attacks, hacktivism, identity theft, malware, and spam.

Subsequently, each potential respondent was sent an email message asking them to anonymously complete a web-based questionnaire regarding their online lifestyles and routine activities, and their experiences as far as cyberstalking victimization is concerned.

Law enforcement officials have struggled to keep pace with cyber criminals, who cost the global economy billions annually. Defining Cyber Crime Cyber crime, as distinguished from computer crime, is an umbrella term for the various crimes committed using the World Wide Web, such as: Also, it supports that the RAT can help explain the connection between online activities and cyberstalking.

This essay begins by defining cyber crime and then moves to a discussion of its economic and social impacts. In order to test our hypotheses we are implementing an online survey to undergraduate university students.

They need information about password protection, encryption software, blocking and filtering software, anonymous remailers, alternate email receiving sites, chat room and newsgroup safety, the potential for misinformation, how privacy may be lost, how to deal with online harassment, policies and laws regulating interactions in cyberspace, and where to get help if victimization occurs.

Billions more have gone undetected. The Scope of Cyber Crime Law enforcement officials have struggled to identify, arrest, and prosecute these tech-savvy offenders, even as sociologists have sought to get to the root of cyber crime.

Retrieved April 16,from http: Certain forms of cyberstalking may be prosecuted under federal communications laws 47 U. Cyberstalking can be very harmful to the victims.

The limited nonverbal, historical, and contextual information available in online contexts may enable potential cyberstalkers to develop idealized perceptions of those with whom they communicate online and to misjudge the intentions of the messages they receive.A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree With a Major in School Psychology exclusion, cyberstalking, and cyberthreats.

2 As previously mentioned cyberbullies often believe they. Research on partner stalking: Putting the pieces together.

Lexington, KY: This paper draws from that foundation, and without the work of the many committed people in this area we would not be ready to transition to the next generation of research and responses related to partner stalking.

Cyberstalking and harassment are problems that a large number of people (especially women) are realizing. (Jenson,p.1) Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. How to Cite this Page. MLA Citation: "Cyberstalking and Harassment on The Internet." 11 Sep ITSR Wikipository.

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Cyberstalking Essay

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Social Impacts of Cyber Crime Research Paper Starter

Cyberstalking. Jaime Chan. Cyberstalking has not gotten as much attention as stalking by researchers so this study tries to make up for it by estimating how many people have experienced cyberstalking. Their results. Rule of Law Paper types of computer uses that are viewed as legal and as crimes.

One of the most commonly violated cyber law is the United States anti- cyber-stalking law, which is found at section of the United States constitution stipulated for the cyberstalking crime.

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Research paper on cyberstalking
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