The importance of understanding terrorism in order to effectively fight it

Furthermore, given that most biotechnology research and development is dual-use in nature, it is possible to wrap efforts to acquire offensive biological agents in a cloak of legitimate research. Even now, while there is consensus on terrorism being the overriding threat, there is some dissent on what form it might take.

In hostage situations, governments often prefer to exclude the media and others from the immediate area, but they want the news organizations to provide information to authorities when reporters have access to the hostage site. In order to combat terrorism, we must be able to understand a type of warfare that cannot be defined within a set of rules or principles.

These targets range in size from automobiles to aircraft and buildings. Clearly, government must adapt to be able to cope and manage the myriad of multi-dimensional issues that WMD terrorism poses.

The United States can no longer rely on the protection of the two oceans that have historically shielded its country and people. Funds may stem from both legal and illicit sources. The World Trade Center bombing is but one example.

Despite current emphasis on non-state actors, it is important to continue to pay attention to state actors or state-sponsored actors. Because of confidentiality traditionally attached to financial transactions and because reporting entities do not always have the means to substantiate their suspicion, it proves difficult to report it directly to the authorities in charge of enforcing criminal laws.

And in hostage-type incidents, where the media may provide the only independent means a terrorist has of knowing the chain of events set in motion, coverage can complicate rescue efforts. Violence becomes the medium through which the terrorist spreads his fear.

The Soviet Union and its role in international terrorism is the topic of sharp debate. Many state and local governments and federal agencies have made progress in their preparations for dealing with terrorist attacks.

It utilized a strategy and tactics developed with the use of the "Small Wars Manual. Examining the philosophy behind the beliefs of countries like Iran will assist us in understanding the motivation that drives terrorist to their destructive violence.

The media are known to be powerful forces in confrontations between terrorists and governments. More precisely, according to the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorisma person commits the crime of financing of terrorism "if that person by any means, directly or indirectly, unlawfully and willfully, provides or collects funds with the intention that they should be used or in the knowledge that they are to be used, in full or in part, in order to carry out" an offense within the scope of the Convention.

Martin is author of several books on the subjects of terrorism and homeland security, including Terrorism: It should evaluate its vulnerabilities in key elements of defense and security.

A comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy should incorporate a full spectrum of activities, from prevention and deterrence to retribution and prosecution to domesticresponse preparedness.

Explosives and the means to set them off are only limited to the imagination of those using them. This attack was in probable retaliation by individuals sympathetic to Iran as a result of the downing of an Iranian commercial aircraft by the USS Vincennes. They want coverage to advance their agenda and not that of the terrorist.

Finally, the third group are those who represent themselves as a liberation movement.The Fourth Edition of Gus Martin's Understanding Terrorism, once again offers a multidisciplinary, comprehensive exploration of contemporary terrorism that helps readers develop the knowledge and skills they need to critically assess terrorism in general and terrorist incidents in particular.

The Fourth Edition presents new, updated theories, 3/5(1). The primary focus of this paper is centered on developing a better understanding of terrorism in order to more effectively combat it. fight for world revolution in order to impose a certain. “The latest edition of Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, Perspectives, and Issues by Gus Martin is a well-thought-out, detailed, scholarly work that is a must-read for students engaged in terrorism studies—either in the undergraduate or graduate level.

Each chapter covers a specific topic key to understanding the terrorist threat, both. To fight terrorism, we must first try to understand its causes. But a time of reflection is also necessary in order to understand the importance of the event and to. The application of strict Customer Due Diligence (CDD) by financial institutions and a high degree of transparency is crucial to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism effectively.

CDD must be applied upon establishment of a business relationship or in preparation of a specific cash transactions in excess of a certain amount.

Frank J. Cilluffo and Daniel Rankin urge adoption of a flexible, comprehensive and coordinated strategy to fight terrorism.

The importance of understanding terrorism in order to effectively fight it
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