The withered arm 3 essay

Hardy uses chapters in his short story to create suspense and to break it down. The plot is based around midsummer night eve, with a supernatural feature, creating a fear of the unknown and an eerie mood.

Ines does things made possible only by the setting she is in: I do not feel this is typical of a ghost story, like I said previously; the vision was of a living person and not the undead. Both stories were based on the same style, Thomas Hardy using imagery and description to create various effects.

The ghost of a living person appears once in the form of a vision. Blame is also a keyword in this novel because it provokes guilt and regret, which is exactly the feeling of Farmer Lodge especially, towards the end of the novel but also towards Rhoda. Similar to the age of when Rhoda first met Farmer Lodge, Gertrude is a nineteen-year-old bride.

Finally both stories are convincing in use of technique. This is shown when he brings his new wife home in his bright handsome gig his carafter successful dealings in the town. Rhoda, along with the reader, believes this to be nothing more than a dream that is until her son mentions hearing a loud thud on her bedroom floor, this shocks not only the Rhoda but also the reader that the events of the previous night are more believable than may have been first thought of; it also helps to keep the reader engaged.

Despite an age difference of years each author has the skill to captivate us. This was repeated when Gertrude enters the story.

The Withered Arm

Also Farmer Lodge could not take the humiliation of him having a relationship with a lower class lady, who is just a milkmaid. The narrative ends with the death of the schoolteacher Ines that releases the people from their duty to keep the murder secret.

This is a point that fascinates the reader as it helps to explain a lot of occurrences especially the murder. Rhoda would have become an outcast of the society having brought some shame and embarrassment not only for her, but for Farmer Lodge as well for having a baby outside of marriage.

The description of her house then goes on to say the walls were made of mud, this shows the reader Just how working class Rhoda is and how life must be a struggle for her and her son. Rhoda ends the story as she began with very little and rejecting the annuity left for her by Farmer Lodge.

The mood of both stories was eerie and sinister, suggesting something serious was about to happen. This story is written in the third person so the reader can observe all the characters and also it makes the story unbiased.

This adds to the story giving you a quick insight into the main character. Farmer Lodge leaving Rhoda made her become curious and jealous when he re-married to Gertrude, as a result this feeling caused Rhoda to have a dream.

Farmer Lodge ends trying to make amends with Rhoda for what happened, he also died and left most of his money to a reformatory for boys and a small annuity to be paid to Rhoda possibly out of guilt.

A magic and supernatural feature is present through out the story too, which adds more apprehension to the story. Blame means to be held responsible or being the cause of something.

Gertrude died of not having the satisfaction of a cured arm and being loved and feeling beautiful again. The basic gist of the story is that Rhoda Brook becomes extremely jealous of Gertrude and her beauty; she is always thinking about her as a result Rhoda starts to envy Gertrude and hatred is caused.

Also the description of Egdon Heath and the atmosphere around it plays a significant role in the story. Could this be the explanation, and had such things as this ever happened before? It is obvious what Gertrude sees in the glass, yet Hardy does not tell us, making the reader question what they originally thought.Who are the victims in the Withered Arm?

Throughout the story Mr Lodge seems to be punished by a divine power but also by Rhoda Brooks who’s seeking her revenge.

Who do you think is to be blamed for the tragedies? ” In this essay I am going to try my best to answer the question “Who do you think is to blame for the tragedy of ‘The Withered Arm’? “The Withered Arm” has a tightly structured plot, the three main characters are quickly established and the plot is based around magic, superstition to create a sense of fear with a tragic outcome.

The Withered Arm Essay

Free Essay: What was Thomas Hardy trying to show through his characters in The Withered Arm? In this essay I will write about what Thomas Hardy was trying to. Old Mrs. Chundle and The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy Essay Words 7 Pages Compare and contrast two stories by Thomas Hardy which deal with the theme of fate?

‘The withered arm’ contains witchcraft (superstition and such things were common in Hardy’s time) and shows women are being prejudiced against. It also gives .

The withered arm 3 essay
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