What are the systematic search procedures of a crime scene

Focus first on the easily accessible areas in open view and progress eventually to possible out-of-view locations — look for purposely hidden items. Make extensive notes to document scene physical and environmental conditions, assignments, movement of personnel, etc.

There are a number of search patterns that may be followed: Keep out unauthorized personnel — begin recording who enters and leaves.

Document the photographic effort with a photographic log. Any injuries indicating, consistent with or inconsistent with the preliminary cause of death? Photograph evidence in place before its collection and packaging.

On vehicles get VIN number, license number, position of key, odometer reading, gear shift position, amount of fuel in tank, lights turned on or off.

How Crime Scene Investigation Works

In a zone search, the CSI in charge divides the crime scene into sectors, and each team member takes one sector. Are the bathroom towels wet? Are the doors and windows locked or unlocked? Is there a couch blocking a doorway? For an extreme close-up shot, the item should be photographed at least twice, once with a scale ruler and at least once without a scale.

When a crime is initially reported, the first officer attending will have a number of duties to complete whilst waiting for other personnel to arrive. Crime scene investigators will discuss with the detective, or officer in charge of the crime scene, information regarding the type of investigation that is under way.

Packaging of Physical Evidence As with recovery methods, the packaging and storage of physical evidence is dependent on the nature of the evidence.

Visual communications are substantiated and verified by quality, concise and accurate photographs of both the scene and the evidence as it was found.

Are there any lipstick or teeth marks on the butts? In either case, the CSI does at least a visual examination of the body and surrounding area at the scene, taking pictures and detailed notes.

Crime Scene Procedures

Spiral patterns are a good method to use when there is only one CSI at the scene. Requests for services requiring photographs only. If so, the crime may not have been premeditated. After moving the body, he performs the same examination of the other side of the victim.

Consider whether the evidence appears to have been moved inadvertently. If so, the CSI may call in a forensic entomologist to analyze the activity for clues as to how long the person has been dead.

Photograph Scene Begin photography as soon as possible — plan before photographing. If blood is present in large amounts, does the direction of flow follow the laws of gravity?

Crime Scenes

Photography of the scene and of evidence is one of the first procedures performed at a scene. Vacuum — a portable vacuum that operates on AC current. Is the house in good order?

Organization and Procedures for Search Operations

Zone or quadrant search: Is there a tan mark where a watch or ring should be? The investigator establishes a path to enter and exit the scene, avoiding the pathway used by the suspect, if possible, and preserving the scene from possible contamination.Texas Association of Police Explorers Texas Explorer's Guide to Law Enforcement Training mi-centre.com 1 Crime Scene Search and Processing.

Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement - NIST. Objectives. After studying this chapter you should be able to: Describe proper procedures for conducting a systematic search of a crime scene for physical evidence; Describe proper procedures for conducting a systematic search of a crime scene for physical evidence.

Transcript of Chapter 2 - The Crime Scene. Physical Evidence and the Crime Scene Physical evidence - any object that can establish that a crime has been committed or can link a crime and its victim or its perpetrator.

Securing and Recording the Crime Scene Proper procedures for conducting a systematic search of a crime scene for physical. Crime Scene Processing During the systematic search for evidence, a leading investigator will often assign individuals to particular areas of the crime scene whilst overlooking the search for and collection of evidence.

The way in which the scene is processed will often be determined by the nature of the crime. Indoor crime scenes will be quite.

Organization and Procedures for Search Operations Preparation. Evaluate the current legal ramifications of crime scene searches (e.g., obtaining of search warrants).

What are the systematic search procedures of a crime scene
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